Schuylkill Haven Sports Center

eciConstruction is proud to have worked on the Schuylkill Haven Sports Center.

Steve Lis was the Project Manager for this project for the Schuylkill Area School District. Scott Eichelberger and Nate Goodyear estimated the project, and Gary Smith was the project Superintendent. Schuylkill Haven Sports Center Schuylkill Haven Sports Center

The project was a 30,000-square-foot indoor sports complex, consisting of a 50-yard indoor turf field, training area, exercise rooms, and weight training area. Exterior finishes include metal siding, a TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roof system, thin brick veneer, and radius metal panels. Interior finishes consisted of a poured track with an elevated track surface around the perimeter of the turf field, rubber flooring for the weight room and exercise areas, as well as carpet and paint. This project was originally on a 10-month schedule, however, through change orders requested by the owner, eciConstruction created a parking lot for football games and a ticket booth for the football arena, which extended the project’s duration to a 14-month schedule.  SSchuylkill Haven Sports Centerchuylkill Area School District

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